BMW M3 – Anarchy VP Chris Jones

Current modifications:

I have had my M3 for right at a year now and have loved every minute of it.

– ESS VT1-550 Supercharger kit – Turner test pipes – OEM muffler delete – Custom 19 inch Work VS-XX – Yokohama Advan ADo8 rubber – Swift Springs – Macht Schnell Stud Conversion Kit – Muteki Lugnuts – Full carbon fiber lip kit – LuX Anegl Aye kit – Matte black vents – LCI Tail Lights – P3 Vent Gauge

BEST Luxury – Import Faceoff 2017
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Future plans include:

– Upgrading my ESS kit to run an after cooler and more boost
– Custom headlights
– Rear seat delete and roll cage
– New front race seats and harnesses
– Going lower with the car
– Trunk mount fuel cell for the air to water intercooler tank
– Currently making my own carbon fiber interior pieces